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Products controlling and testing is done in our own production workshop and our own laboratory.

What is tested is the dimensions and properties according to the prescribed standards, such as:

Dimensions BS EN 14 364, ISO 2531
Stiffness EN 1228
Initial ring deflection EN 1226
Hardness ASTM D 2583
Initial longitudinal tensile properties EN 1393, BS EN 14 364
Circumferential tensile strength EN 1394, BS EN 14 364
Determination of flexural properties EN ISO 178
Determination of tensile properties EN ISO 527
Hydrostatic pressure test AWWA C 950
Determination of glass and mineral fillers content EN ISO 1172
Sealing of the joints EN 1119

Together with the already mentioned characteristics, with the accredited institutes and laboratories, such as INSTITUT IGH d.d. – Croatian Public Health Institute; ZAG- Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute; Mepa Institute Leipzig, Germany; Institute for testing of materials - IMS Institute, Serbia; Institute of Public Health of Serbia, as well as many others, the following characteristics of our products are tested:

Long-term ultimate bending strain and long-term ultimate ring deflection ISO 10471, BS EN 14364
Long-term specific ring creep stiffness and wet creep factor ISO 10468, BS EN 14364
Long-term resistance to internal pressure EN 1447, BS EN 14364
Health suitability for diverse applications Službeni listovi
Inflammability test DIN 4102 klasa B2

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